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The end of another fun term!

Where did that term go!

It has been another fun term going on our adventures with Melody Bear and I hope the children have enjoyed it as much as I have! I have particularly enjoyed hearing the stories of the children going home and rocking their teddies to sleep and teaching daddies how to do ‘Good Toes/Naughty Toes’!

It seems a very long way off at the moment, but I am looking to arrange a Disney Heroes & Princesses Workshop for the children in the summer holidays. The workshop will be suitable for children from approximately 3 years of age. Further details including date, times etc will follow next term. It would be lovely to see lots of the children dressed up and dancing to their favourite Disney songs!

Don’t forget that I do have follow-on classes for your child once they are too old for the Little Bear Feet classes. The class days and times that I currently have are below. From September I am looking to start classes on a Saturday as well.

Tip Tap Toe & Groovy Moves Modern Monday 4.00 – 4.30pm

Melody Movement Ballet Thursday 4.00 – 4.30pm

Both of these classes are suitable for children from approximately 3 years of age and both classes are still based on Melody Bear and her adventures, so are the perfect next step.

There are also classes for older children right up to adults in ballet, tap, modern and jazz. So Mum’s if you fancy taking up a new hobby or perhaps picking up where you left off please speak to me for further details. I have noticed many of you with excellent good toes and very springy polkas!

Classes resume for the new term week commencing Monday 11th April. The full dates for next term are:

Commencing: Monday 11th April

Finishing: Saturday 16th July

Half Term: Monday 30 May to Saturday 4th June

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter weekend, enjoy the rest of the school holidays. Melody Bear and myself look forward to seeing you all in April!

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