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A busy start to the summer term

It has been a very busy start to the new term at Little Bear Feet. It was lovely to see so many regular faces returning to classes as well as welcoming lots of new children. I hope everyone has enjoyed being back, Melody Bear definitely has and is loving all her dancing adventures in Nursery Rhyme Land!

This half term we have been playing on the swings and the slide at the playground and then flying our kites high in the sky and making lots of pretty patterns. We've really enjoyed travelling to Nursery Rhyme Land as we've been flying on magic carpets! A little bit of magic fairy dust on our scarves and we've floated up high into the sky. Once we arrive in Nursery Rhyme Land we've been to visit Little Miss Muffet. Unfortunately the naughty spiders have tickled us and tried to steal our favourite food, but in the end the teddy bears scared them away!

After scaring away the naughty spiders we've rewarded ourselves by playing with our tap sticks. The children have shown great rhythmic skills but those tap sticks have appeared in some very funny places - even sticking out of

the sides of heads or ears!!

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