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Ghoulish goings-on with Melody Bear!

Our final week of classes before the October half term is always one of my favourite weeks, because it's time to go on our Halloween adventure!

This year saw children dress up as skeletons, devils, pumpkins and witches to name just a few! Melody Bear was ready with her devil horns to take the children on a dance through a spooky Nursery Rhyme Land! We all had a great time casting magic spells with our wands, prowling and pouncing like witches cats, flying on our broomsticks and scaring the ghosts with our teddy bears. We finished it off by doing our special Halloween Monster Mash dance around the cauldron.

The children had a great time and were delighted at the end when Melody Bear had only treats to give out and no tricks! I hope the children liked their special Halloween stickers, pumpkin chocolates and their Melody Bear Halloween craft packs.

Happy Halloween!!

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